This page will help you when creating a page and you don't know how it should be formatted. Something you can always do is to refer to complete pages for help. Don't be to stressed if you make a mistake. If you ever don't have all the required information, you can always leave it blank so other contributors or administrators can fill it out for you! :)

Episode PagesEdit

When adding episodes, be sure to always add the infobox first thing and then fill out the required information on the infobox. The infobox will need an image from the episode and an image caption. If you currently don't have an image please leave both the image and image caption blank. If you do have one, please add a caption describing what is happening in the image. All captions must be in italics.

Another essential you have to have is the headings. There are currently 2 main headings for episode pages and 1 smaller heading.

The first heading would be the 'Race/Mission' heading. The heading would only be used as 'Race' if the episode number is less than 48. It would be 'Mission' if the episode is episode 48 and on. Please describe the mission/race in this heading.

The next heading would be the smaller heading, 'Teams'. In this heading make a table with the properties shown in the image to show the teams and the teams' names. 


The last heading is called 'Guests'. In this heading, make a bulleted list of all the guests featured in that episode. 

Member PagesEdit